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Publisher for the first time this year supports our exhibition.

Memorable souvenirs were prepared for all participants, and three lucky ones will receive a one-year subscription to Hobbyworld magazine as a gift!

The public organization “Federal Ship-modeling Club of Russia” was organized in 2014.
The organization operates in the territory of: Russia, Europe and Asia.
The purpose of the creation of the Organization is to protect the general interests of its members in the field of:
 - development of bench ship modeling in Russia;
 - development of international relations and upholding the interests of the Russian Federation in international sports competitions;
- propaganda and popularization of bench ship modeling among the population.

The subject of the Organization is:
 - Formation of the plan of international competitions and events to attract the population to the employment of ship modeling in order to improve professional skills;
 - development of rules and regulations governing bench ship modeling;
 - representation of modellers, trainers, judges, to qualifying titles;
 - participation in the All-Russian and international competitions;

In its activities, the Federal Ship-Mode Club of Russia is guided by the Rules of the International Organization of Ship Modeling and Ship-Modeling Sport “NAVIGA” (WORLD ORGANIZATION FOR MODELSHIPBUILDING AND MODELSHIPSPORT), in part of the bench craft modeling.

Preliminary schedule of excursions in the days of the Stupino exhibition:
19-22.08 - Kursk battle area.
24.08 - Walking tour around town of Stupino.
26.08 - Excursion to the "Zvezda" factory.
27.08 - Museum of Russian Military History.
28.08 - MAKS-2019.
29.08 - Park "Patriot".
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The Ruby Sphere project team supports the "Patriot" club in conducting the XIII international exhibition-contest of scale-models and military history miniatures in Stupino.

At least one of the organizers of the Ruby Sphere will be present at the competition as a judge in six classes of the competition. Plus an open master-class on painting miniatures is planned. You can also get feedback on your work and recommendations for improving the skills of painting miniatures.

Dear friends and colleagues!

We are starting to register participants in the XIII scale-models and military-historical
miniatures in Stupino.
Please, before you start filling out the registration form, read the rules of participation, as well as the categories and classes of the competition - all information is available on our website in the “Exhibition-contest” section.

Please note that the registration form is filled out completely on each model!

After filling out all the information, you will see a link to the file - a member's memo with all the necessary information, but if you have questions, we will be happy to answer them.

PS: Our good friend Timofey Sadovnikov sponsors a special class of the competition "Operation Danube" (1968)". If your model (work) corresponds to this subject - do not forget to choose a special class of the competition №1 during registration.

On June 8, the grand opening of the new premises of the Club Patriot took place. Apparently because of the suddenly started summer and the holiday season, not so many guests visited our modest event, but we were very glad to everyone who took the time and did not succumb to the temptation to spend a day off on the banks of the Oka River.

The right to cut the ribbon was entrusted to one of our young modellers - Semyon and the deputy head of the administration of the city district of Stupino, Skomorokhov, Boris Efimovich, who had said the opening speech before. After that, the guests were given a presentation of the club and our events.

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