Soon it’s already been a month since the XIII Stupino International Exhibition of Poster Modeling and Military-Historical Miniatures ended. Everything and everything calmed down and we can summarize some of the results.

After last year’s “puncture”, we very seriously analyzed our mistakes and shortcomings. We met a lot, talked with colleagues from other cities. And both with the organizers of similar events, and with modelers. We did not advertise our work and some of our “friends” joyfully rubbed their hands and on the sidelines there were the words: “There is nothing to do in Stupino, the guys lifted their nose. In general, everything is bad and they will not last more than a year. ” It was doubly disappointing to hear such arguments from, it would seem, our long-standing partners. The conclusion was obvious. It is necessary to change. That is exactly what we did.

We have seriously edited the regulations on the exhibition. Everything was aimed at improving the work of the exhibition, simplifying the registration procedure, comfortable work of the panel of judges and improving the conditions for participants in our event. How much we managed, of course, to judge you, colleagues. We believe that we worked better than last year. Statistics is a stubborn thing.
So the data:
Registered participants: 304 people.
Of these, children and youths: 162 people.
Adults: 142 people.
Registered works: 866.
Club associations: 57.
Cities: 93
In total, 837 works by modelers from 93 cities and 12 countries, including Russia, were presented at the exhibition.
We believe that the “work on mistakes” was done well, which allowed us to achieve such results.

Special thanks to our colleagues from:
• Ryazan regional public organization "Club of History, Modeling, Reconstruction "Debt".
• The Ruby Sphere project.
• Federal Club of Shipmodelers.
Without them, we would not have succeeded. The dedication and hard work of our friends helped to avoid many contentious situations. We look forward to further fruitful cooperation.

In a separate line, we thank all our sponsors for helping to make the event better and brighter!

Some mistakes, of course, could not be avoided, but for that it was the thirteenth exhibition. And in general, the one who does nothing is not mistaken. We apologize to everyone whose hopes were not fulfilled, and of course to those who received their well-deserved awards after the official award ceremony. Conclusions are made; in 2020 it will be better!

List of winners

Exhibition-contest 2019 - Models
Exhibition-contest 2019 - Presentation
Exhibition-contest 2019 - Participants
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